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Matsuya Hotel (Japanese-style)

Accommodations 1Matsuya Hotel (Japanese-style)

This ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) serves seasonal cuisines made with regional ingredients. The proprietress who specializes in wine can pair the perfect wine for you.

Address 5636 Tojinbara, Kaseda
TEL +81-993522710
Price ¥6,000 - (Dinner charge is not included.)
RSV Minamisatsuma Tourism Association
HP http://matsuya1916.com/
Murata Hotel (Japanese-style)

Accommodations 3Murata Hotel (Japanese-style)

A well-established ryokan that was built over 100 years ago. You can overlook a Japanese garden from your room. There is delicious food and sincere hospitality.

Address 5640 Tojinbara, Kaseda
TEL +81-993533321
Price ¥6,000 - (Dinner charge is not included.)
RSV Minamisatsuma Tourism Association
Tsuki no Sato

Accommodations 4Tsuki no Sato

A rebuilt traditional Japanese house. Amenities: Induction cooktop, shower bath, and heated bidet toilet. (Offsite Staff)

Address 845-1 Niiyama, Kinpou
TEL +81-992655047
Price ¥3,000 - /pp
RSV Minamisatsuma Tourism Association
HP https://sites.google.com/site/kagoshimatsukinosato/
Yoshiya (Budget hotel)

Accommodations 5Yoshiya (Budget hotel)

Address 44-20 Honmachi, Kaseda
TEL +81-993535527
RSV https://travel.rakuten.co.jp/HOTEL/84865/84865.html
HP http://www.hotel-yoshiya.jp/
Nissin-kan (Budget hotel)

Accommodations 6Nissin-kan (Budget hotel)

Address 1-9-16 Murahara, Kaseda
TEL +81-993536611
RSV https://travel.rakuten.co.jp/HOTEL/28937/28937.html
HP http://nissin-kan.com/
Sun Stay Kaseda (Budget hotel)

Accommodations 7Sun Stay Kaseda (Budget hotel)

Address 12-9 Higashi-honmachi, Kaseda
TEL +81-993538000
RSV https://travel.rakuten.co.jp/HOTEL/141049/141049.html
HP http://www.sunstay.jp/
City Hotel Kaseda (Budget hotel)

Accommodations 8City Hotel Kaseda (Budget hotel)

Address 44-5 Honmachi, Kaseda
TEL +81-993522576
RSV https://travel.rakuten.co.jp/HOTEL/44363/44363.html
HP http://www.city-hotel-kaseda.com/
Ganjin-sou (Japanese-style)

Accommodations 10Ganjin-sou (Japanese-style)

Fish dish landed by owner directly is great! It is one of the best diving spot in Kagoshima!

Address 400 Akime, Bounotsu-cho
TEL +81-993680652
RSV Minamisatsuma Tourism Association
HP http://ganjinsou.web.fc2.com/
Narumi Hotel (Japanese-style)

Accommodations 11Narumi Hotel (Japanese-style)

A well-established hotel located in Spectacular view of the seaside! You can see the sun set from your room.

Address 8941-3 Tomari, Bounotsu-cho
TEL +81-993670055
RSV Minamisatsuma Tourism Association

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Minamisatsuma Tourism Association

Information 1Minamisatsuma Tourism Association

Address 34-2 Honmachi, Kaseda, Minamisatsuma
TEL +81-993533751
FAX +81-993533752
Person in Charge Akita Mr. / Goto Mrs.
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